Website maintenance

As a DIY skate brand we do all of our own graphics, web design, and maintenance. That said, we hit a pretty huge wall with our site recently, as the constant upgrades and tweaking just sort of overloaded things. We apologize to our regular visitors for the site being down for a month or so.

We essentially had to rip down everything from the previous version of the site and start fresh. If you had a registered account with us before, you will need to visit our new and improved registration page to setup your account again.

If you did not setup a registered account before, well now is the perfect time to do so…. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

With this new incarnation of the site, we hope to keep things simpler, and will more slowly and meticulously roll out new site features to help improve the online shopping experience. In the meantime, don’t be shocked if you see a few things like fonts and colors change a bit here and there as we clean things up day to day…

Thanks a million for stopping by, and thank you for supporting skater owned and operated brands like GEAR Skateboards! Enjoy the new site!