FINALLY: the GEAR Skateboards website is back!

It has been close to 2 years since we went offline, first for a short personal hiatus from the biz, but then stayed offline due to the stupid COVID related supply chain problems. But now WE ARE BACK and at least have a limited amount of basic GEAR product available in our online shop — CHECK IT OUT!

There’s still a lot of fine-tuning and other updates coming for the website, but we’re just happy to be operational again! There are also several brand new, truly gnarly board graphics coming down the pipe for later this year, and MUCH more in 2022! So check back often, and make sure to sign up for our email Newsletter:

Also, if you’re not in the market for a deck or other merch, but would like to support our humble little DIY skate brand, please consider making a donation (see form below, or on our home page). Any amount helps and is seriously appreciated more than you know!

Much more to come… stay tuned!

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